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Re: web address in control file

On Tue, 3 Feb 1998, Christian Schwarz wrote:

> We should consider to have a new keyword called "Origin:" (or something
> like that) which contains the name of the distributor of the package. For
> all packages in the Debian distribution, this field would always contain
> "Origin: SPI".  Any other person/company which produces .debs would list
> their name in that field. 
> I think this field is important for the users to know from which source a
> package comes from. Perhaps we should also implement some functionality
> into dpkg to check the origin field of the packages at installation time
> and issue a warning if packages from different sources are `mixed'. E.g.,
> we and the KDE team both produce .debs and since both sets of packages use
> different file system standards they can't be intermixed. 

Can you please elaborate on how this will be done? What do you define as a
'mix'? I've notice such simple sounding statements are often really hard
to implement.


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