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Re: RFD : libg++/gcc/egcs upgrades needed for libc6

On 3 Feb 1998, Ben Pfaff wrote:

>    I just recieved the following from "upstream". It appears that an upgrade
>    to gcc_2.8.0 and a switch from libg++_2.7.2.8 to libstdc++_2.8 will
>    resolve some of the problems currently related to libc6.
> When I compile programs with Debian gcc 2.8.0, the resulting binary
> just faults with an Illegal Instruction signal.  I noticed that there
> is a bug against the gcc package with exactly this problem.  For me,
> this happens even with `main(){}', the simplest possible program.

This sounds like binutils. Isn't an empty main created by the linker from
some assembler code?

> I don't know if we can really upgrade to gcc 2.8.0 if it doesn't work
> :-)  Is this a configuration error?  I got the same problem when I
> compiled gcc 2.8.0 myself from the Debian sources BTW.
While we certainly don't want to ship a broke gcc, the folks making the
suggestion seem to have made it work ;-) We just need to figure it out as

Waiting is,

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