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Re: web address in control file

Christian Schwarz wrote:
> > > I'm not resistant to the idea of having a field for this.  I think
> > > it's a reasonably good idea, unlike the proposed upstream author field
> > > (which would just annoy upstream authors, if we gave their address at
> > > least).
> > > 
> > Agreed about upstream author field. The package maintainer should filter
> > bug reports before sending them upstream.
> Note, that the intention of the `Upstream-Author' field was to give credit
> to the right person. Some newbies might think that the `Maintainers:' are
> those who wrote the program...

Another good use for it is to let the maintainer and/or users easily find 
the correct email address to contact the upstream author, when needed. It's
always a pain to have to dig through the man pages and READMEs to find the
correct address for the upstream author when you need to forward a bug their

Especially with some of my packages that lack upstream author email 
information in their documentation, or where the author has changed thier
email address and I have to try to keep up with it, finding the upstream
author address can be an annoying process that I have no desire to repeat.
Adding a field where I can store this info would be great.

> However, I do think that having more information about the packages would
> be nice. Perhaps each package should install a file /usr/doc/<pkg>/info
> (or something like that) which uses the control-file syntax and contains
> info about the upstream author, URL, mailing lists, etc. Then, all
> programs which need to collect this data from the packages could easily
> extract that file from the .debs.

I don't care how it's set up, so long as we have a standardized format.
Currently it's just a big mess, we need to standardize on something,
anything, to fix it.
see shy jo

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