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Re: Unofficial bug nags considered harmful

On Sun, 1 Feb 1998, Ian Jackson wrote:

> I've just received an enourmous pile of messages via the bug system
> from Remco Blaakmeer.  An example is attached.
> I appreciate that it was done with the best intentions, I think this
> was a bad idea because:
> 1. Remco failed to discuss his plan and get approval first.  This is
> the most important mistake, because if he had asked we would have been
> able to avoid the other mistakes.
> 2. We already have Brian White doing bug nags.  There is no need for
> two people to do this.
> 3. Remco sent his messages to the bug system, which will cause the bug
> system to have to file and process all of his messages and update all
> the web pages &c &c &c.
> 4. Remco failed to uniquely identify his messages in any way, so that
> developers are not able to file them appropriately or filter them out.
> Please everyone, don't do this again.

OK. I am very sorry if this caused too much load on some servers. I just
thought there were way too much bugs that are very old and already fixed.


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