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Intent to package mkhybrid


I wonder why nobody has packaged mkhybrid yet.  If no one objects
within the next minutes there will be a .deb :-)


mkhybrid is a version of mkisofs (based on mkisofs v1.11) that can
create an ISO9660/HFS/JOLIET shared hybrid CD volume. HFS (Hierarchical File
System) is the native filesystem format used on Macintosh computers and
Joliet is Microsoft's extensions to ISO9660 for Windows95 and NT4.

An ISO9660/HFS/JOLIET hybrid CD is "seen" as an HFS volume by Macintosh and
"seen" as an ISO9660 volume (with or without RockRidge or Joliet extensions)
by other machines, but the data in the files is the same.

Although a Macintosh can read ISO9660 volumes (with or without Apple's
ISO9660 extensions), there are many benefits in "seeing" the data as
an HFS volume (long filenames, full access to various Finder flags
etc.). However, there are occasions when using Apple's ISO9660
extensions may be more appropriate (see Implementation notes below). In
these cases, the Apple ISO9660 extensions can been added instead of the
HFS hybrid volume.

The Joliet extensions allow (amongst other things) long filenames to be seen
when used on Windows95 and NT4 machines.



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