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gcc problems

I just installed gcc_2_7_2_1-9.deb and am having
trouble linking any program.  I try "gcc hello_world.c"
and I get no compile errors, but I get this link error:

ld: cannot open crt1.o: No such file or directory

Sure enough, there is no such file ~anywhere~ on the system.
If gcc needs it, shouldn't it have installed it?
Am I doing something stupid?  I've installed everything
gcc says it needs (cpp, libc5, binutils) or it came
with the initial installation of Linux (I think libc5 did).
Am I missing a switch or library?

I just installed Debian 1.3 this week on my formerly
win95'ed 486.  Everything, I mean everything has worked
like a charm, from fine tuning my X-display, to SCSI disks,
tape drives, CD/ROM, perl, tcl/tk, etc.

This gcc problem has me stumped.  Any help would be


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