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Re: Gzipped .dvi files?

On 30 Gen, Christian Schwarz wrote:
> On Fri, 30 Jan 1998 fog@perosa.alpcom.it wrote:
>> Hi,
>> 	the discussion made me think that we have a preferred on-line
>> documentation format (HTML) but not a printable one. I think all the
>> printable documentation should be in Postscript (or .pdf if good free
>> converters are available), so that every user can print it's manuals
>> with a minimal effort and installing just one package (ghostscript).
>> 	Converting dvi to ps is easy and fast and we have at least
>> two good previewers (gv and ghostview). They are much better than xdvi.
> I know from previous discussion that lots of people will disagree with you
> on this point: xdvi is much faster and the output looks much nicer than
> the one of a dvi->ps converted file in ghostview--at least for me. 
> But _please_, don't let us start this discussion again now. We already had
> one discussion on this and this was the longest discussion I have seen
> since I joined Debian (I'm not joking!).
> The result from that discussion was very clear: We'll not find a common
> documentation format which everyone likes. Thus, we'll implement a
> flexible solution where the local sysadmin can choose whatever
> documentation format he/she prefers (perhaps several formats at one time).

Clear. I won't start this discussion again. I please everybody to NOT
answer to my posting. Thanks.

> Doing .dvi->.ps conversion is in fact very easy, so it should be possible
> to implement this into doc-base. That feature could be turned on or off
> depending on the local setup.


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