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Dropping my packages

Hi all!

My studies are reaching a stage where I'll have to reduce my computer use and
consentrate on reading. I excpect to get more time again on the end of may.
But that only be a short break, because on 6.7.1998 18.00 I'm entering the
Finnish military service, and meaning basicly that I'm going to have live a
year without computers.
So It's time to start reducing my work on debian. I currently have the
following packages:

gnome     (1 bug)
fte       no bugs
gmod      no bugs
xfractint (1 upstream bug)
fracxtra  (2 bugs on the same issue, source missing)
xtron     no bugs

Gnome is the most timetaking one, others I can still keep till summer, but
you can take them now as well, if you like them.

Riku Voipio

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