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Re: lintian -- detecting hundrets of bugs within seconds...

Manoj writes:
> This I don't understand. Why are we making it easy to distribute packages
> with bugs? If the errors do not indicate bugs, why are they errors?

I wrote: 
> Perhaps because they are bugs in lintian?  I think lintian is a good idea,
> but we have to have a way to override it.  Surely you don't expect it to be
> infallible!

Joost writes:
> Fortunately, somebody who is capable of writing something like lintian,
> is also capable of predicting that lintian will never be perfect. That
> must be why, already in the initial announcement, the authors said that
> everything would be overridable.

I know that.  It appeared to me that Manoj was objecting to that very
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