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Re: projected life of the ext2 filesystem format

> > > ext2 uses _unsigned_ 32-bit words for time, so it will survive until about
> > > 2106. At that point you'll have to back up and reformat.
> >
> > Ok, I have scheduled that. Now, where can I keep my schedule to prevent it
> > from getting lost for the next 107 years, hmmm...
> >
> > Question: does this mean that a file can't have its creation date before
> > 1970? But the system date can be set before 1970? I hate this stupid
> > limitations on Linux! ;-)
> It does - which means that Bruce's interpretation is wrong, because I do
> have files with dates of 1969 on my disk (and so has everybody who
> installed doc-rfc).

Remember that the timestamp is in GMT.  Thus, depending on your time zone,
you can get dates that go back (theoretically) up to 12 hours before Jan 1st,

> Of course, in reality, it's irrelevant what ext2 uses (so long as it's 32
> bits), because ext2 doesn't interpret those dates. Linux, OTOH, does.
> Which means reformat in 2038.

Personally, I don't see why we can't just consider those times as unsigned.
How reliable, portable, etc. is the use of negative time_t?

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