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Re: lintian -- detecting hundrets of bugs within seconds...

Joey Hess wrote:
> I think it'd be useful to include in the output a reference to the
> appropriate section of the policy manaul. This makes it easy to go read the
> policy, without a long explination. (Also, lose the '-'s, they make it hard
> to read!)

That was part of the plan :-) What you're seeing is the bare-bones
output.  "True" lintian will have a postprocessor that adds
explanatory notes to the messages, and refers to the appropriate
documents.  (Unless you tell it to be brief, I guess.  Flags! Options!)

That's also the reason for the '-'s, the "tag" that will be used to
look up these notes is delimited by spaces.  I guess we could use
another delimiter, like :.  But would it become any prettier?

> BTW, I was earlier looking into making the policy manual a literate
> programming document that generated a lint checker and the policy manual. I
> never got very far with it, but I wonder if you've givn any thought to that?

Ooh wow.  This is the first time I saw an application for literate
programming and thought "yeah, that's useful".  (Normally I view it as
an excellent way to lose your code among mountains of explanations.)

Still, it's something to consider when lintian has matured, not before.
Right now the focus is on writing it.

Richard Braakman

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