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Re: lintian -- detecting hundrets of bugs within seconds...

Christian Schwarz wrote:
> Ok, now to the checks: Each check script reports lines of the following
> format:
>    N: <verbose text for the user>
>    W: <pkg>: <tag> <arguments>
>    E: <pkg>: <tag> <arguments>
>     E: logwrites: pkg-without-shlibs-has-shlibs-control-file
> -> Policy violation: Package `logwrites' does not contain any shared
> libraries, but has a `shlibs' control file.

I think it'd be useful to include in the output a reference to the
appropriate section of the policy manaul. This makes it easy to go read the
policy, without a long explination. (Also, lose the '-'s, they make it hard
to read!)

BTW, I was earlier looking into making the policy manual a literate
programming document that generated a lint checker and the policy manual. I
never got very far with it, but I wonder if you've givn any thought to that?

The idea is when you write policy, you'd also write the code fragements 
that check policy, as part of the same document, which keep things from 
getting out of sync, and then you process it through a program that splits
the policy text and the code. I was looking into making a SGML DTD that
added some tags to enable this. Unfortunatly, I ran out of time to learn
SGML.. ;-)

see shy jo

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