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Re: Gratuitous promotion of random binaries to standard

>>"Dale" == Dale Scheetz <dwarf@polaris.net> writes:

Dale> This is more what I was asking for. This is much better than
Dale> simply saying "no".

Dale> I aggree with your most important point. The majority of "Unix"
Dale> folks do not consider it a standard package. However the general
Dale> concensus is that not only is this true, but it will always be
Dale> true. It is that position that distrubs me.

	Well, things have changed. Until quite recently (like 5 years
 or so - oh dear, does that date me?) Perl was not what I would expect
 on a system. Awk, yes, Perl, no. However, it is gradually getting to
 be more accepted -- digital unix (should I say compaq unix?) and hpux
 now supply it in the system (any aix/solaris people out there?). It
 has gotten to the point where I would be mildly surprised not to find
 perl on a machine (I would be astonished - nay, shocked, not to find

	If you manage to get something in to UNIX '98 for which mc is
 a drop in replacement, you'd be surprised how quickly the tide of
 opinion (well, at least mine) would change.

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