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Re: lintian -- detecting hundrets of bugs within seconds...

>>"Jens" == Jens Ritter <jens@unsolved.weh.rwth-aachen.de> writes:

Jens> I think John´s right here. Because there`re a lot of maintainers
Jens> who do not have a permanent connection to the net (and
Jens> especially in Germany it is very expensive to connect via the
Jens> phone). The upload should be as short as possible.

	Huh? Who is talking about longer uploads? The idea is that the
 maintainer runs lintian locally, to detect any policy bugs, and
 *fixes* them before uploading.

	This shall result in less time on the phone, since uploading
 bug-ridden pathces shall cause bugs to be reported, causing
 the bug system to send you mail  ($$$$), causing you to fix them, and
 reupload ($$$$$$$$) and then send mail to close the bug ($$$).

	See? we are trying to save you money.

Jens> Instead is it possible to disconnect the lintian check from
Jens> uploading? Either the packages are silently discarded and a bug
Jens> report requesting a new upload is filed, or the packages stay in
Jens> "incoming" or whatever until the bug report is closed, in case
Jens> the maintainer knows what he does. (Sorry, as you see i don`t
Jens> really know what happens on upload yet, but soon will be ---
Jens> Anyway I think this is a what it should do.)

	This is quite confused. When lintian is run by dinstall, and
 it fails, dinstall shall presumably move the package into REJECT/ and
 send you mail ($$$). It shall, then, disappear from /Incoming, and
 not be installed. and you shall have to reupload ($$$$$).

	This is better than giving the genral public packages we know
 have bugs. The solution: run lintian yourselves before uploading the

	You do test your package before uploading them, don't you?

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