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Re: Gratuitous promotion of random binaries to standard

On 27 Jan 1998, Paul Seelig wrote:

> > 
> Joost, you have convinced me.  And in the end i think that MC being
> "optional" is good enough.
I was certain that I wouldn't get into this discussion. (So much for

I am a great fan of MC and my only desires are that it be in the main
distribution so dselect can install it, and that its "debian" features be

I have also advocated that MC become a "standard" package and been
resoundingly rejected.

My concern is not so much with MC being rejected as a "standard" package,
but more with the entrenched conservatism that says, only those packages
that have historically been considered "part of a standard Unix system"
are ever to be considered as "standard" Debian packages. This strict
interpretation is the definition of a "dead language", an unchanging
static object that can never be adapted to a new environment and will
therefore become extinct.

I have always taken the "liberal" POV and have expected Debian to be a
living, breathing, adapting system and have no objections to redefining
the set of standard packages on a continuing basis.

One final argument in favor of considering MC to be a standard package.
The GNU folks have adopted this package and carry it on all their mirrors.
We are "Debian GNU/Linux", not "Debian, the standard since ancient times".

Those of you who are opposed to changing standard please reconsider your
position by taking a look at the list of standard packages with the eye
toward what tools are missing that could be provided to make a more
"complete" set of "standard" tools. (As you know, I think MC is a prime
candidate) If you come to the conclusion that I am still wrong, please let
us hear your reasons. Paul is correct. "No!" in reply to "Is this a good
idea?" is a vote with no authority. Please, give logical explanation. This
tends to starve the flames, while providing information to the rest of us.


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