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Re: version 0.15 of autoupgrade script

On Mon, 26 Jan 1998, Craig Sanders wrote:

> version 0.15 of the script is now available from:
> 	http://www.taz.net.au/autoup
> changes in this version:
> v0.15: 1998-01-26 (Craig Sanders)
>   - i should have checked rob's changes more thoroughly.  yet another fix:
>     added $PKGS_LDSO to ALL_PKGS so that the script checks to see if the
>     ldso package is available to install.  this bug nearly killed someone's
>     system today and i am pissed off.
>   - made the script use --force-overwrite because @^@%@$!^@&^#$ dpkg
>     doesn't do it by default anymore.   this also pisses me off.
>   - don't run 'dpkg -r' if there's nothing to remove.

Why is the --force-overwrite necessary? What files are overwritten? In
what "old" and "new" packages are they? Ik think this ought to be fixed
before hamm is released, if at all possible, so that the --force-overwrite
is not needed in the script.


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