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v0.14 of libc5-libc6 autoupgrade script

the latest version of the auto-upgrade script is available from


changes since the last public release (v0.11):

v0.12: (Robert D. Hilliard <hilliard@metrolink.net>
  - modified to fix errors encountered when upgrading a rex filesystem:
    - force removal of essential package timezone before installing 
    - remove xmanpages (if they are present before removing xlib6-dev.)
    - remove perl-suid and perl-debug before upgrading perl-base and perl.)
    - install ldso with a separate command from installing libc6 so ldso 
      will be setup before libc6 is installed.
    - remove exit-on-error from installation of perl-base and perl
    - configure --pending after perl installation.
  - saved names of removed packages in a file

v0.13: (Craig Sanders)
  - fixed globbing problem again for PKGS_LDSO and PKGS_LIBC6
  - some cosmetic changes 
  - i didn't like the idea of redirecting error messages to /dev/null
    so i got rid of it.  I may use tee to save the output of this
    script in a log file in some hypotherical later version.
  - '|| exit 9' on the 'dpkg  --configure --pending' line after installing

v0.14: (Craig Sanders)
  - in v0.12, localebin was accidentally deleted from list of packages 
    to be removed.   fixed.


ps: scott, you probably want to put this version on your autoup page.

pps: could whoever runs the dpkg bot in #debian make the bot send this
script when it sees 'dpgk !autoup'?

craig sanders

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