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Re: Overlaps between bo and hamm

Richard Braakman wrote:
  >Oliver Elphick wrote:
  >> Richard Braakman wrote:
  >>   >I have a list here of package overlaps that may cause problems when
  >>   >upgrading from bo to hamm. 
  >>   >Overlap hamm/bible-kjv-text_4.00-5 and bo/bible-kjv_4.00-2:
  >>   >   usr/lib/bible.data
  >>   >   usr/lib/bible.data.conc
  >>   >Overlap hamm/postgresql-dev_6.2.1-9 and bo/postgres95_1.09-1:
  >>   >   usr/man/man3/catalogs.3.gz
  >>   >   usr/man/man3/large_objects.3.gz
  >>   >   usr/man/man3/libpq.3.gz
  >>   >   usr/man/man5/page.5.gz
  >> These overlaps are OK because the packages conflict.
  >Hmm... postgresql-dev conflicts with postgres95-dev, but not with
  >postgres95 itself.

Postgresql-dev requires libpgsql, which conflicts with libpq1 but not with
postgres95... yes, I agree that it would be better to make the conflicts
more general.  I will make libpgsql conflict with postgres95 as well.

  I don't see bible-kjv-text conflicting with
  >anything; it should probable Replace older versions of bible-kjv.

The control file has:
Package: bible-kjv-text
Architecture: any
Depends: ${shlibs:Depends},bible-kjv
Conflicts: (bible-kjv << 4.00-5)

but I agree that dselect doesn't report this conflict.  I don't know why not.

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