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Re: kernel headers---FAQ

>>"Gergely" == Gergely Madarasz <gorgo@caesar.elte.hu> writes:

Gergely> I still think you should take care that your package
Gergely> configures ASAP.

	I am a purist. Correctness is way more important than speed
 ;-). I broken invariant betokens a broken system, and one should
 ;trust nothing to behave as expected on a broken system. Abort early
 ;ere you cause irreparable damage.

Gergely> In the current version it is not possible in the same
Gergely> run. You should ask the user if you should move the directory
Gergely> and if he says yes (it means it is OK with him), then
Gergely> kernel-headers, libc6-dev, and all the rest that depends on
Gergely> libc6-dev can be configured in that run.

	Unless there is not enough space. can't use move anyway, the
 destination can be on another file system. Too many variables. Too
 hard to do for the return. dselect is your friend.

	When a system is broken, I do not think a second run in dselct
 or a one liner dpkg -c -a, is too much to ask. 

Gergely> Why not making the things easy for the user if they're not
Gergely> too much trouble for you? If /usr/local/src and /usr/src are
Gergely> the same fs, it is just one `mv', if not, then move to
Gergely> /usr/src/linux-MOVED... and warn the user about this.

	It _is_ too much work. And it is not as of the package has to
 be re-installed -- it just has to be reconfigured.

Gergely> Or is making things easy for the user against policy ?

	And you expect a civil reply after remarks like this? Can you
 not hold a discourse calmly and civilly? Feel free to write a
 replacement for kernel-package, or to ask Ian Jackson to ask me to


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