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Re: Mailcrypt section?

>>>>> "BP" == Ben Pfaff.
>>>>> "dgms" == Davide G. M. Salvetti.

 dgms> The old control files says: Section: non-free

 dgms> However Mailcrypt is licensed under GNU GPL, it just depends on
 dgms> pgp, which is non-free, AFAIK; so I think it should rather go to
 dgms> contrib.  Am I right?

 BP> Afraid not.  AFAIK, mailcrypt cannot legally be distributed to
 BP> some totalitarian countries like France which prohibit use of
 BP> programs with encryption hooks.

Is this true even just for distributing program, without even the
possibility to use it?  (From what you say pgp should be illegal in
France, so there's no actual possibility to use mailcrypt there: you could
have it on disk, but you couldn't install it (at least, even if you would
force installing, you could not use it).)

Please, note that `encryption hooks' are just calls to a program named
`pgp', which a priori has nothing to do with encryption, as far as
Mailcrypt code is concerned.  (i.e. Mailcrypt contains no crypto software,
it just calls an external program which is /supposed/ to contain it.)

However, if that is really the case I will obviously stick to non-free.


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