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Re: perl5.004 for bo - last post

Ok, Folks, I will make one concession.  My message did come out of the blue
to a lot of you.  The support I had been seeking was on IRC.   For that
oversight, I apologize.   I still think my language was civil, although firm,
and was worded so as to be sure to kindle some action.   A flame?  A mere
spark.  If that original message ranks as one of the worst flames you have
ever seen, consider yourself fortunate.   I envy you.

Let's let this thread die.  It's not helping move hamm to a release, nor
maintain the integrity of bo.

All email on this thread is now being diverted to /dev/null.  Sorry to    
have caused such a fuss 

David Morton         See my webpage for my public pgp key                 
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Date: 10-Jan-98 Time: 04:14:25  CST -600 GMT        

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