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Re: imap4

| On Friday, 9 January 98, at 10:16:39 AM
| Jaldhar wrote about "imap4"
> Dale, you mentioned a couple of days ago that you had orphaned imap4 and
> someone else was going to upgrade it to libc6 etc.  Has that person gotten
> back to you?

> The reason I ask is because I have urgent need of this package at work so
> I've just compiled it.  I've fixed all the extant bugs I think, and I
> should be able to make an upload soon if neccessary.

> The only problem I'm having is in log_lnx.c it is looking for pw_encrypt. 
> Do you or anyone know where I can find this function? 

I have considered taking it over, as I like the server.  If you want, you could
send me the diff and dsc files and will try to fix the pw_encrypt problem.

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