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Perl LWP method for dselect

   I'm working on an LWP method for dselect.  Current code is available at
http://biocomp.anu.edu.au/~dld/debian/dpkg-http_0.1_all.deb The method can
use any URL supported by LWP.  Proxies can be set using
ftp_proxy=http://wwwcache and http_proxy=...  Multiple sites can be
specified during Access setup (main archive, non-US archive, local
archives, bo-updates, ...).  The Packages files are downloaded using
mirror(), so if the remote site hasn't changed, the Update function should
return quickly. 

   For the moment, I'm using the standard MIME-Base64 and libwww-perl perl
modules (/usr/local/site_perl/...).  I'm expecting the Debian modules to
be functional soon (libwww-perl is a bit behind, and mime-base64 is m68k

  Yes, I know deity will be out soon, but we're paying $0.19/megabyte
here, and caching helps.

Dr. Drake Diedrich, Research Officer - Computing, (02)6279-8302
John Curtin School of Medical Research, Australian National University 0200
Replies to other than Drake.Diedrich@anu.edu.au will be routed off-planet

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