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Re: Where's the SCSI support in Debian?

> Does that mean that Debian cann't be installed "easily" on a machine with
> a Buslogic FlashPoint PT and no IDE disks? I'm going to buy a SCSI adapter
> to replace the old AHA-1542CF I have right now, and based on a
> recommendation on debian-user I'm going for the FlashPoint... and I think
> many people on that list may be influenced by that recommendation, too.
> Is this going to change soon... I mean, 2.0 is still months away, and it
> kind of scares me to think of many users facing "way till 2.0"

I am using Buslogic MultiMaster BT958 UW scsi card and have no problem
installing Debian 1.3, I don't need to compile the kernel to install it,
though I did that because of the latest buslogic driver.


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