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Re: Porting DPKG!

On Mon, 8 Dec 1997, Todd Graham Lewis wrote:

> Hello!
> I've ported dpkg (dselect and everything) to Solaris, Digital Unix,
> and FreeBSD.  Basically, the programs themselves run, and if I override
> dependencies, etc., then I can install stuff.  I've made a number of
> packages for each of the platforms, mostly gnu stuff.


> The problem is that I don't really understand the bootstrap process.
> How is everything in /{usr,var}/lib/dpkg/ created by the boot floppies?
> What is the division of labor?  Does dpkg create it, or is there an
> installation script, or is the job split all over the place?
> I could just go ahead and hack up something to create methods, available,
> status, etc., but I'd like to reuse whatever already exists, for obvious
> reasons.  If someone could expound on the setup process which happens
> on the boot floppies, and maybe include some pointers to the relevant
> source files, then I'd be most appreciative.

You could get the 'base system' tar file that comes with the boot floppies
and take a look at it. This contains the whole basic system that is used
at install time.


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