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Re: predepends on libc6?

kaih@khms.westfalen.de (Kai Henningsen) writes:

[ Deleted the part where the doubters once again fail to bother to
yprove that ldconfig isn't necessary (Hint: the onus isn't on me; I
don't care anymore, I *know* the policy manual is wrong, if you think
otherwise, do something about it, either way I'm not going to waste
more time discussing it) ]

> > [dpkg does ordering on configuration and removal, not install]
> Aah. Now _this_ is a good (and probably sufficient) point.

[Just out of curiosity, why do you believe me about that? No, never
mind, forget I asked]

> From this, I'd say that everything needed by dpkg -i MUST pre-depend
> on any other package that it needs for that functionality used by
> dpkg -i.

I don't think so.  Once gzip Pre-Depends on libc6, it shouldn't be
possible for dpkg to get into a mess because it's unable to fork
programs again.  The packages you mention below are all essential,
dpkg can validly assume they'll be installed.  And because of their
Pre-Depends gzip, tar and fileutils won't ever be in an unpacked but
unusable state.  I think the same applies to ldso too.

(If someone's forced the removal of an essential package all bets are
off, so the only valid issue here is upgrading, as far as I can see)

> By the way, shouldn't Pre-Depends: only be used for Essential: yes
> packages?

No; I think there are valid uses of Pre-Depends for non-essential

> I see Pre-Depends: without Essential: in the following packages:
> libc5, libc6, libreadline2

You can't make shared library packages essential (Policy 2.3.7).
(libreadline2 being Essential would have made the upgrade to
libreadlineg2... interesting)

Actually libreadline2's Pre-Depends may well be bogus, certainly when
I added it, it was for the wrong reasons (I was confused as to what
was responsible for ensuring {/usr,}/lib/libc5-compat was in
/etc/ld.so.conf), maybe Guy has another reason for keeping it; I'm not
sure.  Guy?
> perl

The version I can see (5.004.04-2) has only a Depends.  Perl-base is
Essential and it's Pre-Depends are definitely a good thing, for, I
hope, obvious reasons.

> netstd, elvis-tiny

I'm not sure why elvis-tiny has Pre-Depends, I'm not convinced it
should.  I don't know enough about netstd to know if it's Pre-Depends
is valid.  One other package that certainly shouldn't have Pre-Depends
but does is e2compr.


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