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Re: version numbers on virtual packages

On Dec 5, Darren/Torin/Who Ever... wrote
> I was going to change perl to perl5 think weekend and just provide the
> virtual package perl.  This would close a bug filed by Brian White who
> is worried about Perl6.  While I was thinking about this during builds

I think you'd better make that perl5.004, because breakage could just as
well occur with 5.005 or 5.006, not just perl6. With 5.005 we'll need a
threaded and non-threaded version as well. Fun.

But are you trying to protect debian perl based packages or user written
perl programs? The user should already know about possible perl versions
and use #!/usr/bin/perl5.004 where necessary. Debian can't protect user
written code from breaking.

Preventing other debian packages from breaking can be done without
changing the package name.

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