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Re: perl module packages: why do they exist?

Manoj Srivastava <srivasta@datasync.com> wrote:
>  # generate the control file
>  % make-ppkg --generate --package libcgi-perl --module CGI-modules > control
>  % vi control        # make sure things look ok (espescially version numbers)
>  % make-ppkg -d my-packaging-directory control 
>  % dpkg -I my-packaging-directory/libcgi-perl*.deb    # check
>  % dpkg -BGiE my-packaging-directory/libcgi-perl*.deb # install
> 	How does this sound? Is it still worth trying to modify
>  ExtUtils (still feels presumtuous of me to have that modified for
>  Debian -- after all, even the Linux kernel is not modified for us, we
>  just roll our own make-kpkg)? 

This is excellent.

We'll need some experience with it before we want to tackle the larger

This doesn't address browsing after the fashion of either dselect,
deity, or cpan...  Integrating this aspect into debian is going to
be real fun.

Finally, I don't see any problem with having a debian-specific
patch to ExtUtils. Whether this gets integrated back into the main
distribution is another issue -- perhaps if the underlying concepts can
be generalized [perhaps in a data-driven fashion] such that they're
useful in more contexts than debian... Again, I think we'll want to have
some experience with your make-ppkg before we venture too far in this

If I may oversimplify a bit further: ExtUtil integration might be
re-write 2, while deity integration might be re-write 4.


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