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Re: perl module packages: why do they exist?

apharris@onshore.com (Adam P. Harris)  wrote on 01.12.97 in <E0xcaNu-0004vH-00@burrito.onshore.com>:

> [You (rdm@test.legislate.com)]
> >About two months ago, I upgraded a CPAN bundle on a production server.
> >Two interesting things happened:
> >
> >(1) perl itself got upgraded, and
> >(2) wais got upgraded.
> Huh??? Perl itself?  I don't think this is possible.

I decided recently to test CPAN.pm. It suggested updating CPAN. Sure,  
thinks I, go ahead.

It then proceeds to pull down a completely new perl and tries to build it  
(fails pretty spectacularly, also asks me all sorts of weird questions in  
the process).

And each time I start CPAN.pm, it annoys me with info about the newer  

This is _bad_.

> BTW, is anyone working on any Debian-specific Perl modules?

We have dpkg-perl, don't we?

MfG Kai

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