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Re: Technical Support Database suggestion...

On Tue 02 Dec 1997, Ean Schuessler wrote:
> I think that it would be useful if we were to design a technical
> support database.

i agree. ther german suse distribution for example has one, and it's
great. we should try to get as good results. they proved that such a
database could do great things.

i can get their software, it's gpl'ed.

> It would also be interesting to build a language translation system
> that used similar methods. Package maintainers could submit
> application texts and messages to a database and Debianites could
> cooperatively translate them to other languages.

what about implementing this : make the database writeable for everyone
(e.g. via a cgi script, or a small programm, that sends an email like
bug, perfect : both), and "only" moderate it (accept or reject
submissions). this way our users could help us !

> All these applications should be web based.

i agree. sgml could the best format for the whole thing : 
you could also create text versions, or print the whole thing with tex.

go !
as usual : it get's only done, if you do it yourself, so go !


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