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Re: not a first amendment question

On 30 Nov 1997 02:13:23 -0000, bruce@va.debian.org said:

bruce> Good healthy sex is fine. The stuff I objected to had nothing
bruce> to do with sex, it concerned acts only a mentaly ill person
bruce> would carry out.

Ummm... careful with those generalisations. I've gone through some
incarnation of the purity test with some friends (on paper) and I
don't recall anything *that* weird in it. I remember we had fun
filling it out, though :-)

What I do find frightening is that you people are censoring an
*optional* package that is, in addition, extremely small in size. Why?
Because is has a big, humorous sex quiz in it. We can't have that, now 
can we.

Sigh, someday I'll probably understand the American mentality when it
comes to sex (and equating it with violence on the "ooo, bad stuff"


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