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Re: perl module packages: why do they exist?

Adam> I don't understand why the debian developers are undertaking to
Adam> maintain debianified version of Perl modules when the CPAN
Adam> module and its mechanisms are so much more native to Perl, are
Adam> well-supported by the Perl community, etc?

[Manoj Srivastava <srivasta@datasync.com>]
> 	How do I remove packages using cpan? Can I downgrade to a
> lower version?

I'm not sure but I don't think so.  Probably, if you can think of some
cases why you need this functionality, you could ask the CPAN
maintainer to update these.

> make sure that all modules I have installed are
> upgraded? 

"install r" in CPAN

> Ensure that the perl modules that are available for auto
> handling have been looked over by an expert, *for the Debian system*
> specifically?

Well, no, but what I was saying is that you could easily have package
installing either custom debian bundles or individual modules as seen

> Can other packages, that need modules, determine that
> they have been installed on my machine? 

Sure, although not with dpkg's standard method.  It's pretty trivial
to determine from Perl availability and the current version.  As
I'm sure you know.

> Can I hold a module to a the current version, even if new versions
> are available, while updating the rest?

Sure.  Just as easily using a perl native installer like CPAN as
you'll have doing it by hand.  And once you've got it going, it'll be
a lot easier to maintain.  In fact, you wouldn't have to maintain it
at all, let the Perl maintainers maintain it.

> 	I think you underestimate the work a systems integrator does.

No, I'm just trying to minimize the work a debian package maintainer
has to do.

> 	I am planning on creating a make-ppkg package that shall
> create perl packages just like make-kpkg creates kernel-image
> packages, but I'm still recovering from a disk crash, and I have
> other commitments at the moment.

Well that will help, but again, when you have CPAN and bundles and all
that, why bother?

Manoj, I just think you should talk to perl-porters about your issues
and concerns and see what they have to recommend.  IMHO, it's pretty
rare that I need to hold on a Perl module version, or that I'm hitting
serious configuration mgmt issues with the modules.  And since
MakeMaker already has it's own dependancy and x-platform building
system, it seems wasteful to replicate that.  And I know as a user
that the version lag impose by debian can be annoying.

.....A. P. Harris...apharris@onShore.com...<URL:http://www.onShore.com/>

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