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Packages available for expert maintainers or newbies

The following packages need some work to be done and I dont get around to
do it. They need someone with expertise:

knfs	Kernel NFS tools (Difficult to build under libc6) (experimental)
omirr	Online Mirror Tool (Difficult to build under libc6)

debmake Important package building tool. Backward compatibility important.
	Numbers of open issues I have not had time to deal with.

cipe   (unreleased) encrypted IP Tunnel.

dhcpd	DHCP Server (integration with new SO_BINDTODEVICE) feature

fvwm95	Configuration files need a rework

Other available packages also for new maintainers:

bridge/bridgex Briding tools for 2.0.X/2.1.X kernels
automount	Floppy automounter
bero		Simple Mailing List 
bible-kjv	The classic english Bible
bonnie		IO performance tester
debsums		Check md5sums of packages
defrag		Defragmenter
freefont/sharefont Fonts for X11
jail		ICMP logger
jered		Editor
le		Editor
mserver		Modem Server
smb-nat		SMB Services analyzer
optimizer	Optimize Assembly code
pftp		FTP client
sftp		FTP client
poppassd	Eudora etc POP Password change daemon
suidmanager	Manages special permissions
syslinux	Boot loader for Debian Disks
worklog		Log times on projects
xfstt		TrueType Font Server for X11
zmailer		SuperHigh Performance Mailer

Conditions for takeover:

Upload with your maintainer name in it within 14 days.

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