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tcpshow package

I'm planning on packaging tcpshow as a debian package, since I find it
pretty useful sometimes for network debugging.  I'm going to put it under
non-free since you can't make a profit by selling it. (Condition 2 of 6:)

Any comments?

Here's the copyright: 

Copyright (c) 1996 I.T. NetworX Ltd.  All rights reserved.

This source code is owned and copyrighted by I.T. NetworX Ltd.  This
file and all files derived from it, directly or indirectly (such files
collectively and separately being referred to henceforth as "this file")
may be used, modified and redistributed subject to the following six

Condition 1 of 6:
That all text (code/comments, etc.) in this file surrounded by the macro
block "#if !defined(MAY_NOT_MODIFY) ... #endif", including the macro
statements themselves, may not be modified in any way, or deleted.  In
particular, this comment block and the printf() statements identifying
I.T. NetworX as being the copyright owner, in the function usage(), may
not be modified or deleted.  The single, only, exception to this is that
the non-inclusion of C comments by a C compiler/linker, in the object
and executable images it produces, is permitted.

Condition 2 of 6:
That no financial gain be made from using this file or modifying this
file.  It is permitted to charge for redistributing this file.

Condition 3 of 6:
That no conditions other than these six Conditions be applied to the
use, modification or redistribution of this file.

Condition 4 of 6:
That all modifications to this file show prominently the name of the
person that made the change and the date on which the change was made.

Condition 5 of 6:
That I.T. NetworX, its employees, agents and everybody else in the world
dead, living and yet to be born, are hereby free from liability of all
and every kind arising from the use of this file by anybody for any
purpose.  This file comes "as is" and all warranties, express or
implied, are disclaimed.  As the manual page for chat(1) says, "if it
breaks, then you get to keep both pieces".

Condition 6 of 6:
That I.T. NetworX reserves the right to alter these Conditions at any
time without giving prior notice, such alterations to apply only to the
version current at the time of issue of the alterations and all later
versions, and such alterations to apply only to versions produced
exclusively by I.T. NetworX or its agents.

Addendum to Copyright:
I'm not a legal eagle and I worded the above notice off the top of my
head, so it may be full of holes, but the spirit of my intentions are
clear from reading it.  Please respect these intentions.

Me too:
If anybody makes significant improvements to this file, such as adding
decode support for DNS traffic or IP and TCP options, I would appreciate
it if they sent me a copy of their work (mike@NetworX.ie).  Thanks.


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