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Re: RFC: New Upload Procedure

In general, I like this. One question:
On 23-Nov-1997 18:54:23, Christian Schwarz <schwarz@monet.m.isar.de> wrote:
>  dinstall's part:
>   3.) [check for new packages every ten minutes]
>       Check if package upload was complete and files are correct
>       (i.e. check PGP signature, MD5 sums, correct .changes file, etc.)
>       If there is an error send mail to maintainer and stop
>   4.) Send announcement to debian-changes or debian-devel-changes
>   5.) [once a day]
>       Install packages into the archive
>       (In case of a new package or a stable upload, this requires the
>       acknowledgement of the archive maintainer)

Shouldn't 4 and 5 be reversed? Otherwise it's announced before it's
actually available.

Steve Greenland

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