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Re: Intention to package: ruari-diff and gcal

In article <m0xZPWv-00JkU3C@golem.pixar.com>,
	bruce@va.debian.org (Bruce Perens) writes:
> Can you make your diff tool compare _two_ FTP archives with each other?
> It would be nice to be able to check up on how well the mirrors are
> synchronized.

As it only uses the Packages file, it wouldn't be very useful for this
purpose (unless the mirrors had generated their own pacakges files, which
isn't what any of them actually do as far as I know).

If you really did want to compare the Packages files on two mirrors for some
reason, James has a program he uses to compare the i386 and m68k
distributions to see what needs compiling, and that could presumably compare
two Packages files from the same distribution just as easily.

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