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Re: WWW bug monitoring

> Why don't we create a new psuedo-package for the mirroring problems,
> or one for problems with the content ?  Please discuss this with Mike
> and I or Guy can arrange this easily enough, and I'll make my script
> report the bugs in whatever is the appropriate psuedo-package.
I thought of that a while ago. The problem is that not all of the
mirror maintainers are developers or even watch the mailing
lists regularly. Forcing them to deal with the bug system just doesn't
seem tenable.

I has been easiest for me to simply write to the maintainers when there
are problems. We should be thankful enough that these people lend us their
systems. We shouldn't force them to do things our way. Generally more than
enough people write to webmaster when things go wrong that errors
don't go undetected long. Sometimes the maintainers are slow to respond.
Putting them in the bug system won't help that.

- Sue

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