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Intent to package: PCCTS

Hello.  Just wanted to get any feedback on my intent to package PCCTS, the
Purdue Compiler Construction Tool Set.  PCCTS is an LL(k) parser generator
that has some features which make it easier to use than flex/yacc.  For
instance, the top down recursive parser generated by PCCTS is human
readable code, and can easily be traced/debugged with gdb.  Also, PCCTS
supports syntatic and semantic predicates, and attributes can be passed up
and down the syntax tree.

Packaging PCCTS is actually part of a larger goal.  I eventually intend to
package tools that I am helping develop:
SAVANT - A extensible VHDL analysis system.
warped - A distributed simulation kernel, based on the "time warp"
TyVis  - An application for warped, which supports the constructs of VHDL

With all three pieces, you have a free VHDL simulation system.  Licensing
for PCCTS, warped, and TyVis are all clearly within the definition of
"free" as defined by the Debian Social Contract.  Licensing for SAVANT is
less clear to me - it's being developed on an SBIR with a company and has
limitations/licensing with respect to commercial use.  This is something
that I intend to investigate further, and certainly before packaging it.

Anyways, I have been using Debian since some .95 version a while back, and
I'm looking forward to contributing to the project.  Any feedback is
welcome as always.

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