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Re: Re^2: non-DFSG section and CD distributers

> Moin Alex!
> AY> For Motif, you pay the same price for using the libraries and
> AY> for developing commercial software,
> ??? That's nonsence. The runtime version is much cheaper (< 50%) than the  
> developer version.

Well, yeah. I can imagine some vendors selling only shared libs and mwm
for half price (and the above plus static libs, headers, man pages, and
code examples for the full price). I never encounterd that myself though.
The main thing here is they license per-machine in any case.

> AY> As for Qt, it licenses *per-developer* and charges much more.
> Are you allowed to change the Qt source as prof. developer?

No. As a licensed developer I can produce and sell the software that uses Qt. 

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