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Missing pieces of developer docs?

I seem to remember that there used to be a section of the
(developers|policy|programmers|something) manual that described the
debian/rules file: the required targets, what the were supposed to do,
etc. I can no longer find this information in any of the "official"
manuals. Will Lowe's "Ignoramus's Guide..." mentions it briefly, but
is not complete. Was this information removed inadvertantly? Or has
it just been moved somewhere non-obvious to me? (Ok, I just found it
the new version of the programmers manual that Igor Grobman is working
on. Unfortunately, the chapter on the rules file hasn't been written
yet -- I'm not dumping on Igor, I understand the concept of "copious
free time". Any, there needs to be a link to this document from the
"Developer's Corner" section of www.debian.org.)

On a related note (i.e. the reason I was looking for the above info):
Is the Debianized source supposed to be shipped pre-configure or
post-configure? That is, should the build target have './configure
[whatever]' and the clean target 'make distclean'? I suspect so
(assuming the original source is so equipped, of course), but I can find
nothing in the policy manual about it.

Steve Greenland

The Mole - I think, therefore I scream 

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