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Re: Need interim or permanent libc6 maintainer

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Date: Thursday, November 13, 1997 5:28 PM
Subject: Need interim or permanent libc6 maintainer

>We haven't heard from Helmut Geyer since late September. He's not
>responded to mail from Ulrich Drepper (GNU LIBC 2 upstream maintainer)
>or myself. Ulrich has patches that we _must_ put in LIBC6. I need
>someone to make a non-maintainer release of LIBC6 ASAP, and to fulfill
>the maintainer duties at least until Helmut resurfaces.
> Thanks
> Bruce Perens
>Can you get your operating system fixed when you need it?
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I would be willing.  However, I don't already have a Debian package(ie this
is my first), but I do feel that I would be technically competent.  I have
done some hacking in kernel masquerading, and am starting to develop either
a proxy or a masq-app for H.323, used in video-conferencing and internet
phone products.

Adam Heath
http://wwp.mirabilis.com/3375265  -- Page me

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