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Re: Political policymaking

>>"Paul" == Paul J Thompson <thomppj@thomppj.student.okstate.edu> writes:

Paul> I would have to say that I agree with Ian entirely here.  I
Paul> think that Debian becoming more organized would do alot for our
Paul> "productivity".  Alot of things get thrown about witgh nothing
Paul> getting done sometimes ( _sometimes_ ).  I think a more
Paul> organized voting and ammending process would be a good start to
Paul> this.

	I think I'd tend to lean the other way if I _had_ to choose
 sides ;-). While I agree with the sentiment that we need a process to
 break deadlocks, I think we can come up with a less cumbersome
 process than this (reminds me of the US senate rules [apropos which:
 what on earth is the logic behind a filibuster?]).

	The document under discussion was very ard to read ...

 who wishes he was better at legalese ;-)
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