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Re: libc5/libc6 conflict

On Sun, 9 Nov 1997, joost witteveen wrote:

> > Ok, this should be a simple problem.  I want to keep all development stuff
> > libc5, but have some libc6 packages.  I don't want to use altdev.
> Why?

Probably because I don't understand altdev.  So let me rephrase the
question.  I have standard *-dev packages from bo, and I install just the
libc5-altdev package, what effects will it have?  Will I have to compile
anything differently?  Will I have to upgrade all my other *-dev packages
to *-altdev packages?  I don't want to do the latter.

My other question is why can't there be a normal libc5 in bo that doesn't
conflict with libc6?  And, what's the difference between a *-dev and
*-altdev pacakge?

> My spamfilter is so good, it correctly catches 90% of incoming spam,
> *including* all email from my PhD supervisor.

Mine did that the other day, I didn't even know a long lost friend had
written me until I checked the spam box a few days later.

Thanks for any help,

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