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Re: PostgreSQL and Perl


I am not much of Perl guru --- but from looking hard at the debian/rules
files that Manoj wrote for his Perl packages, I managed rather easily to
create one for my libmime-perl package. I think I also borrowed some ideas
from Mike Dorman's perl packages.

In a nutshell (and quoting pieces from the debian/rules you find the in
diff.gz for libmime-perl) perl + make are called a couple of time to do the
work according to our defaults:

                -test ! -f stamp-configure && \
=============>          perl Makefile.PL && touch stamp-configure

                -test ! -f stamp-configure && \
=============>          perl Makefile.PL INSTALLDIRS=perl && \
                        touch stamp-configure
                dpkg -l perl libwww-perl mailtools make dpkg-dev | \
                awk '$$1 == "ii" { printf("%s-%s\n", $$2, $$3) }' | \
                        > debian/buildinfo
                touch stamp-build

                rm -rf $(files2clean) $(stamps2clean) $(dir2clean)
                -test -f Makefile && $(MAKE) realclean
                rm -f core `find . \( -name '*.orig' -o -name '*.rej' -o \
                        -name '*~' -o -name '*.bak' -o -name '#*#' -o \
                        -name '.*.orig' -o -name '.*.rej' -o -name '.SUMS' -o \
                        -size 0 \) -print` TAGS

binary-arch:    build

binary-indep:   build stamp-binary

                test -f stamp-build || $(deb_exec) build
                rm -rf debian/tmp
                $(make_directory) debian/tmp
                chmod g-s         debian/tmp
                $(make_directory) $(debtmp)/DEBIAN
                $(make_directory) $(debtmp)/$(privlib) $(debtmp)/$(archlib)
                $(make_directory) $(debman)/man3
                $(make_directory) $(deblib)/menu
                $(make_directory) $(debdoc) $(debdoc)/{examples,html}
                $(install_prog)   debian/post{inst,rm} $(debtmp)/DEBIAN/.
                $(install_file)   debian/menu      $(deblib)/menu/$(package)
                $(install_file)   README           $(debdoc)/.
                $(install_file)   README-OR-DIE    $(debdoc)/.
                $(install_file)   debian/copyright $(debdoc)/copyright
                $(install_file)   debian/changelog $(debdoc)/changelog.Debian
                $(install_file)   debian/buildinfo $(debdoc)/buildinfo.Debian
                (cd docs; tar cf - .) | ( cd $(debdoc)/html; tar xf -; \
                                        ln -s MIME-tools.html index.html )
                (cd examples; tar cf - .) | ( cd $(debdoc)/examples; tar xf - )
                -gzip -9qfr       $(files2compress)
==============> $(MAKE) PREFIX=$(debtmp)/usr \
                        INSTALLDIRS=perl \
                        INSTALLMAN1DIR=$(debman)/man1 \
                        INSTALLMAN3DIR=$(debman)/man3 \
	        -gzip -9qf $(debman)/man3/*
	        chown -R root.root $(debtmp)
		chmod -R g-ws $(debtmp)
	        dpkg --build $(debtmp) ..   
		touch stamp-binary

 edd@debian.org   http://rosebud.sps.queensu.ca/~edd   PGP KeyID 1024/6D7F08DD

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