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Package proposal Rosegarden


Is anybody working on the package `Rosegarden'?

It is a music editor, with a playing program.  Exports to Midi and
musictex (for
prettyprinting).  Has its own graphical interface.  I played with it
shortly.  It
seems to be One Of Those User Applications we could really use to make
Debian cover
the available software even better.  It is GPL. 

Otherwise, i'd like to package it, together with `musictex' which seems
not to be
included in tetex. 


David A. van Leeuwen			<david@ElseWare.cistron.nl>

	  Echt stijlvol sterven doe je / bij een ander op de mat
	  Op de dag dat je bezorgd wordt / door het NRC Handelsblad
							---Joop Visser

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