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Re: New package: wordnet (source i386) uploaded to master

ioannis@flinet.com wrote:
>    * File dict/index.sense, in wordNet's source package, was deleted because it
>      is not used by the searching programs and is 6M bytes long.
>    * File cntlist.fix.gz is a fix from wordNet to replace dict/cntlist .
>      Due to its large size, about 1M bytes, the fix was applied to the
>      upstream package directly; therefore, wordnet-1.5.orig.tar.gz already
>      reflects this change. We want to avoid very large diffs .
>    * Deleted pre-compiled binaries (and they were mannny) from .orig.tar.gz .

So I read a total of 3 changes to the .orig.tar.gz file that are not
stricly necessary? To save 7 or 8 MB of space?

I uploaded a 45 MB set of packages to master just last week (festival and
associated packages). I wasn't very concerned about how much disk space it
will eat up on the mirrors. Of course, due to copyright, festival isn't
going to go on the official cd's, so I don't have to worry that I'll be
responsible for debian becoming a 3 cd set. ;-)

I'd prefer the .orig.tar.gz was pristine source, even if it does waste some
disk space, to make things easier for those who will maintain the package
in the future. I'm interested, though, to hear what others think about this.

see shy jo

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