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Re: Manifesto for the Debian Project leadership election - Ian Jackson

Manoj writes
>	*Sigh*. Can't we ever decide on *anything*? I think we talked
> about this long enough the last time around. No matter what the final
> document would be, there would be people who disagree with parts. I
> don't think we can ever achieve a true consenesus (where nobody feels
> a compromise was required) with the size we have now. If you try to
> please everyone, you end up with an unwieldy and fuzzy document. 

I agree.

>Ian> There was no opportunity for them to directly affect what the
>Ian> content of the final DFSG was, other than by playing `defect' by
>Ian> voting against the whole thing.  In the context in question this
>Ian> was extremely unlikely to happen, because a `no' would probably
>Ian> have been interpreted as a weakening of the hard free software
>Ian> line which most of the developers seem to support to various
>Ian> degrees.
>	We had the chance. And in initial arguments, we did not come
> up with anything like the current DFSG. And Bruce did change the
> document due to public opinion.

Also, usually it's going to take someone to use his perogative and write up
a rough draft without anyone asking him.  If you want more than one person
to write the rough draft, nothing will get done.  Yes bruce wrote it, but he
rewrote a lot of sentances that people didn't like for some reason.  I would
say that the people who participated in the discussion (which I stayed
mostly out of, as I'm not a hard line on free software issues, but who
thinks debian should be), had a lot of input into how the final document
read, and what it conveyed. Maybe in the future it'd be better to discuss
what ideas we want in the document first, and then have someone write a
rough draft, and then edit it, in the "bazzar" manner we did, if we could
reach some conclusions in the initial arguing.  However, if we were to try
to write a document from scratch on debian-devel or private, nothing would
get done.


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