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Re: PostgreSQL - proposed package

On Sat, 8 Nov 1997, Oliver Elphick wrote:

> Manoj Srivastava wrote:
>   >	A fully free sql engine is likely to be vastly popular, and I
>   > think I cast my vote with the people asking for a high degree of
>   > granularity for the packages.
>   >
> My current plan is:
> postgresql     -    frontend and backend

How about splitting out the backend and the frontend? I can think of the
situation where ppl do want to use
psql/pg_dump/pg_dumpall/createuser/destroyuser/ createdb/destroydb, but
don't have any need for postgres/postmaster and all other file associated
with them....

Maybe a good idea to package pgaccess as well (see PostgreSQL web-pages)

> libpgsql       -    libraries for C & C++ access to backend
> libpgperl      -    perl library or module (is there a difference?)
> libpgtcl       -    libraries for tcl/tk access to backend
> libpgjava      -    Java class archive for access to backend
> postgresql-dev -    Header files for developing user frontends
> postgresql-doc -    Documentation
> I hope to have the first draft ready for release today or tomorrow.

Cool.... How do you plan to run/don't-run initdb and updates between 
incompatible versions which require a dump/restore?


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