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Re: MS Russian keyboard layout

On Fri, 7 Nov 1997, Dmitry M. Klimoff wrote:

> Hello!
> Excuse me and my bad english. I want to present new Russian keyboard
> layout file for including in your Linux distributives (if you want
> this). This file (russ-ms.map) contain Russian keyboard layout who
> was present by Microsoft. This layout used in Windows (3.1, WfWG, 95
> and NT) and some keyboards with Russian layout (nearly all keyboards
> from brand manufacturers) have this layout.

There are at least two Russian keyboard layouts.  One, commonly used,
is the original JCUKEN layout (the one you can see on most keyboards),
and the other is yawerty (the one usually used by people who don't
have time to learn JCUKEN -- it's pretty close to English QWERTY


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