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Re: Manifesto for the Debian Project leadership election - Ian Jackson

On Thu, 6 Nov 1997, Ian Jackson wrote:

> 2.4. Political decisions
>  I'd like to have major political decisions (such as the Debian social
>  contract and free software guidelines) made either by direct polling
>  of the developers, or by a political committee elected directly by
>  the developers.  I'd prefer the former if the technicalities of
>  voting can be properly organised.
>  My plans for organisation of the project will be put to a vote of the
>  developers; when a procedure for passing such resolutions has been
>  developed I also plan to formally ratify the DFSG and social
>  contract.

Note, that the DFSG and the Social Contract both have been formally
ratified by the Debian developers already, with a very high percentage
(if I remember right there were less than 5% of the developers against



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